Nationaal Instituut voor de Orgelkunst

Concept titles of projects

· City organs and organists city in Europe: from status symbol to a musician and artist.

(Pilot Amsterdam Orgelstad; Pilot Leuven Orgelstad)

· Europe: one large organ museum location

(Promotional tour theme: National organ day; Provincial organ days Uitmarkt Amsterdam traveling performances / concerts)

· The knowledge of organ builders: alchemists or simply craftsmen? A look behind the scenes.

(open days promote organ builders)

· Playing your favorite organ at home: Samplers (sound heritage) of the most monumental organs in Europe available online

(see for example

· The talk archives: stories, music and pictures on location

(also in line with existing activities; Crowdsourcing Project: Volunteers for digital describe organs (see

· The organ abandoned ....?

(Promotional Documentary: help to find a solution for organs in need)