Nationaal Instituut voor de Orgelkunst

Foundation National Institute of Organ Art (NIvO) was established in 1994 with the goal to promote the organ art, to create the guarantee to maintain the unique position of the organ, to stimulate a responsible use of the historic organ possession, and further to promote everything that is directly or indirectly related to one another or could be useful to that, in the broadest sense of the word.

Like the Netherlands, almost every European country has, often for centuries, an organ building tradition, which has brought a wealth of organs, also recently. Thousands of organs, old, new, large and small, which in various ways have an important role in the cultural life of the country, city or village.
Organs should be played on, otherwise they go off and will get lost. Organs must also be maintained in order to use them optimally. To ensure that they can be played, maintained or restored, music, musicians, organ builders and scientists are need. To keep the interaction between musicians, composers, builders, scientists and organs alive, enough people should be fascinated by this magnificent phenomenon. Above all, a strong social support is needed.

The mission of NIvO is based on the belief that the organ heritage and organ art are of such a large and broad cultural importance, because of which continuous attention absolutely is needed of the widest possible international audience.

The vision of NIvO is that that attention can be realized the best by unlocking this heritage and its environment for a wide audience. Over the past 15 years, concerning the Netherlands, NIvO built the foundation for this with the publication of the encyclopedia in 15 volumes The Historic Organ in the Netherlands. In an ever more digital world, a matching international access with extensive possibilities is a logical and necessary follow-up: an international organ platform.