Nationaal Instituut voor de Orgelkunst


The new media play a major role in the daily lives of an increasing number of people. Internet, computers, smartphones, iPads, they are the means by which we communicate and exchange information now. To be able to join this new way of communicating, the National Institute of Organ Art (NIvO) took the initiative for the development, construction and operation of a database and website. Hereby this unique heritage can be made visible and accessible permanently for present and future generations: the ideal connection between instrument, documentation (history and background), location, activity, and man.

The goal is the realization of an information system, which provides access to as much as possible information about organs on the internet: a digital organ platform.

It will become one database, in which all current, historical and scientific information of each individual organ is gathered and hold together. Information that will be available on a website, with two clear and recognizable portals, for interested people and specialists and all target groups in between.

The database, organized according to international standards, wants with its presentation on the internet to be a reliable, verifiable and connecting beacon (platform) in the complex world of the organ culture.

It is desirable that this digital presentation is supported on the internet and promoted by derived part publications from this for different target groups. Website and publications should radiate that they come from an easy to find and accessible  professional organization.