Nationaal Instituut voor de Orgelkunst

On July 19, 1994 was established in Rotterdam, the National Institute of Organ Art. The foundation received a very broadly defined objective that, but intended primarily the publication of an encyclopedia of historic organs in the Netherlands.
This encyclopedia Historic Organ in the Netherlands, which ultimately is going to consist of 15 parts, was released from 1997 to 2011. The first part was on February 19, 1997 in Utrecht Cathedral by Prince Claus was received. Queen Beatrix was offered the last two parts in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam on May 28, 2010.

Fourteen book presentations at locations throughout the Netherlands were festive events, and always attracted large numbers.

The almost 15 years annual presentations and the work on the encyclopedia itself, a million project, has had a binding and stimulating effect: an active network of editors, organ consultants, organ builders, organists, lovers on the one hand, directors, owners, governments and funders on the other hand, the value of this heritage and the associated organ culture made visible and the realization of view.

With the rise of the Internet and all its digital developments and opportunities, in the same period the way we communicate and inform final and radically changed the world. Again it is important to put the binding and stimulatory effects also work on the Internet started.

Other activities in the past:
·         1998 Production and edition CD-Box Historic organ in the Netherlands.
·         1998 Exhibition and organ trip Zwolle. At the invitation of the Dutch Association of Musical Instruments Makers (NVMIM).
·         1999-2001 Creation Society Dutch Platform for Organ Art and Culture (VNPO). In collaboration with the Dutch Foundation for Organ Preservation.
·         2009 Inventory Report and Promotion Booklet organ in Overijssel. Commissioned by the Province of Overijssel.